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1. Why do I have to wear eyeshields when I tan?

Beside it being the law, not wearing eyeshields that meet the standards in the FDA's 21 CFR 1040.2 can cause irreversible eye damage. UVA rays can even go through closed eyelids and penetrate to the retina where rods and cones can be destroyed. This can lead to color and night blindness (irreversible damage not readily noticible-may take years to realize damage).


2. Do I have to wear a headband when I wear my eyeshields?

According to the law, if a headband is supplied by the manufacturer of the eyeshields, then it must be worn with them. The headband holds the eyeshields snug against the face to protect the eyes.


3) Why should I own my own pair of SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields?

There are many reasons, but the one most people give is so they know that the SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields were not worn by some one else. Once the headband is adjusted you do not need further adjustment.


4) The nosebridge of my eyeshields is too wide (or too narrow). How can I make them fit better?

With SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields, you have an adjustable nosebridge. You may push the eyecups closer together to have a narrower, higher bridge or press down on the nose bridge and pull the eyecups apart to have a lower, wider nosebridge. Once adjusted SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields hold that position. This is an excellent reason for owning your own pair of SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields.


SUPER SUNNIES® Eyeshields: Protect your eyes during UV exposure for health or cosmetic reasons. Prevent eye injuries. For sun lovers, salon tanners, and medical patients taking PUVA, UV light box therapy, LED light therapy, red light therapy, microdermabrasion, plastic surgery, and laser therapy. World Class SUPER SUNNIES® brand Eyeshields have a flexible high-rise nosebridge to eliminate tan lines and an elastic headband to assure perfect fit.


Lightweight, colorful, comfortable plastic frame and special lens blocks over 99.9% of the UV-B rays and over 99% of the UVA rays to prevent eye injury while allowing vision. Satisfies 21 CFR 1040.20, Performance Standards for Sunlamp Products. Small size allows maximum facial exposure.


Choose from Neon or Basic color lines. Sparkles style or iGear style also available. You can trust our over forty years experience in UV eye safety. The Original Is Still The Best Super Sunnies® brand Eyeshields offer the best performance, fit, quality, and value of any UV eyeshield on the market, worldwide. Insist on the original SUPER SUNNIES® brand Eyeshields. Accept no substitutes.

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