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PMP by GAT delivers the next generation of intense pre-workouts.

Blast through training plateaus and take your sports endurance and

muscular output to the next
level. Experience more massive pumps, laser-focus, and workout intensity.

A powerful blend of clinically researched key ingredients formulated to

deliver the ultimate in Peak Muscle Performance.*


Formula Advantages:

  • Improved Strength & Endurance

  • Lasting Energy and Deep Mental Focus

  • Massive Pumps

  • Creatine Free

  • 325mg Caffeine

  • Also available in Stim-Free version

Multi-Wave Delivery

Wave 1: You will feel PMP’s strong, muscle stimulating action.

It ignites a high intensity workout and delivers critical performance

nutrients to your muscles.*

Wave 2: Increased concentration and razor sharp focus will hit you,

helping your mind and body work in tandem for perfect execution of

each and every action of your workout.

Wave 3: As your workout intensifies, your muscles will expand from

increased blood volume and you will feel skin tightening effects that

keep your body _red up even after your workout ends. Experience

explosive energy and improved performance.*

Exercise Intensity: Citrulline, Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine

(Carnosyn®) push your training to the max. The key compounds in

PMP have been clinically researched for their benefits to athletic

performance via increased blood flow, enhanced nutrient delivery,

and improved muscular energy and endurance.*

Cognitive Enhancers:  Clinically studied compounds N-Acetyl-Tyrosine

and L-Theanine help you remain alert, intense, and mentally focused

while you’re going from set to set during your workout.*

Pump Drivers:  Clinically studied, vasodilating compounds Agmatine

Sulfate, Glycerol Monostearate, and Calcium Lactate.*

Size: 30-servings (9 oz, 255g).

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