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Taste:Jalapeno Honey / Cinnamon Toast  / Original


Nothing is more satisfying than pretzels dipped in your favorite cheese spread. Standard pretzels, however, are full of refined grains and sugars. Explore your cravings with soy protein pretzels as a solution. They look just like standard pretzels, but they come with 4 grams of fiber. Kay's Naturals dedicates its business to low-carb eating without any boring ingredients. You can still be healthy while snacking on high-protein low-carb pretzels.

These diabetic-friendly pretzels are gluten-free. The secret is turning to alternative ingredients. From soy to pea fiber, these unique choices create the tapioca flour pretzels that keep you healthy and happy between meals. Try pretzels on the go, or set them out for loved ones at a household gathering. The 12 grams of protein will fill you up and keep you going.


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