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Sizes/Weight:90 Maxi Caps


  • With 95% saponins
  • The most popular plant extracts
  • Plus zinc & B vitamins

Body Attack Testo Shock 2.0 has been developed specifically for people who subject their bodies to strong mental and muscular stress and those who hardly take rest 


As a powerlifter and fitness athlete do you pay attention to your testosterone levels? Do you regularly push yourself to the max and work your muscles to the extreme? Are you often physically and mentally stressed and only allow yourself a small amount of recovery time? Then what you need is the new formula in the Body Attack Testo Shock 2.0.

Product highlights:

  • Maxi Caps for maximum dosage
  • For everyone who pushes themselves to their mental and physical limits!
  • With zinc for a normal testosterone level
  • B vitamins reduce fatigue
  • Valuable plant extracts with bioactive substances

How does Body Attack Testo Shock 2.0 work?
The appeal of the best seller Testo Shock 2.0 lies in its even more potent formula. The all-in-one matrix contains a special combination of ingredients. In total it includes nine of the most popular plant extracts among powerlifters and fitness athletes. Some of them even deliver bioactive substances such as saponins.

The following plant products are contained in Testo Shock 2.0:

  • 1720 mg tribulus terrestris extract (95% saponin)
  • 600 mg wild yam root (360 mg diosgenin) 
  • 200 mg kudzu root (80 mg isoflavone) 
  • 114 mg Citrus aurantium (6.8 mg synephrine)
  • Fenugreek seed extract
  • Muira puama extract (potency wood)
  • Maca root extract
  • 160 mg green oat extract
  • Siberian ginseng extract

B vitamins – Ideal for high training regimens during preparation for competition
The two B vitamins niacin and pantothenic acid are also included in the matrix. Pantothenic acid can interest powerlifters and body builders as it contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of the steroid hormones and the messenger substances. These hormones, which include testosterone, are involved in a large number of metabolic processes relating to muscle building and fat burning.

Like pantothenic acid, niacin can also reduce fatigue and tiredness. This is a benefit, particularly while preparing for competition. After all, the high training regimen and the low-calorie diet frequently produce mental and muscular fatigue. 

The mineral zinc – for a normal testosterone level
Zinc is another ingredient. It helps maintaining a normal testosterone level in the blood and protect the cells against oxidative stress during intense phases of training and diet. Additionally, it also helps rebuilding muscle proteins. This will require intense training and sufficient high-protein nutritional calories. 

Each daily serving (4 capsules) of Testo Shock 2.0 from Body Attack gives you 1720 mg of tribulus terrestris extract to supply your body with a unique combination of plant extracts, B vitamins and the mineral zinc. In this composition it is among the strongest nutritional supplements on the market, supporting the normal hormonal metabolism with important substrates like pantothenic acid and zinc. 

Who should take Test Shock 2.0?
  • Fitness and iron athletes with a high-protein diet, aiming to build more muscle and body mass.
  • Athletes maintaining a low-calorie diet and hard muscle training to add hardness and definition to the muscles inside of weeks.
  • Endurance athletes with a high training regimen, e.g. needed for half marathons, marathons or triathlons.
  • Body builders and powerlifters preparing for competition.
  • Men aged over 40 who would like to maintain a normal blood testosterone level.

Worth knowing: How does stress affect the body?
Stress can have a negative effect on the metabolism. For example, if the athletes has completed intense workouts and gives the body little time for recovery, it leads to reduction in the physical and mental performance over time. The result: The athlete suffers from signs of fatigue and sleep disorders. In particular, the fatigue of the central nervous system due to increased stress can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as loss of appetite, coordination disorders, lethargy, weakness, irritability, slowed receptivity to even depression.

This can be initiated by heavy physical exertion during sports, but also by a mentally monotonous activity. Changes in the energy metabolism and also in hormone balance (such as testosterone) are attributed to the negative stress, leading to emotional and physical exhaustion. This is now called as "burnout syndrome" in the business world and also has an impact on the physical well-being. We now know that physical and mental stress can affect testosterone levels. Without the hormone testosterone, muscle mass cannot be built and reproduction cannot take place.

Our tip: Best help is offered by regular and longer breaks, which bring the body and its metabolism back to normal balance. But also relaxation in the form of cinema, theatre, spa, massage, swimming, or walking may help.


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