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Sizes/Weight:8.5 oz


  • Extreme Sizzle, 10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion

    You’re Bold, Sexy, Beautiful And Proud Of It!  This product is your alter ego...You're Seriously Hot! Sultry 10X bronzer fused with a level 10X tingle complex to set your skin on fire and your color to a glowing, deep reddish brown. Vitamins A & E blended with Shea Butter, Monoi de Tahiti Oil and Coconut Oil provides continuous silky smooth skin hydration. Glow - Baby Glow!

  • Super Dark 10X Bronzing Complex
  • Natural Melanin for Optimal Bronzing
  • Extreme 10X Tingle & Sizzle Complex
  • Monoi de Tahiti Oil & Coconut Oil
  • Vitamins A & E Blended with Shea Butter


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